Specializing in Custom Orisha Crowns and Herramientas
  • Oya ,Yemaya & Oshun Obatalá ( 8Guage )

    Please specify size for Manillas . ****Please refer to pic for Sizing ***

    Manillas in 8 Guage  that can be purchased by the set or individually.Manillas de Oshun made of pure brass set of 5,Oya in pure Copper set of 9  & Yemaya in stainless steel set of 7 . Obatalá sterling silver sold single.Must specify size and sizes are approximately .Not Responsible for sizing if you measure wrong .See pic for sizing .*Yemaya Manillas are in stainless steel which are harder to size * choose set your interested in purchasing ,

    No Refunds on Manillas since they are custom item any questions concerns you may Email me before purchase